The Essentials of Psychosynthesis

The Essentials of Psychosynthesis

6 day course

The Essentials is a powerful introduction to the principles and understanding of Psychosynthesis through experiential learning. There is a strong focus on making a participant’s own experience central to their learning and understanding, without needing to reveal aspects of their personal story which they may wish to keep private.

During the programme participants explore how unexamined habits of experiencing, understanding and responding to the world can result in our engaging with life through various default settings. These aren’t always as effective as they once were, and seeing how these both serve and limit our purpose opens up opportunities for new ways of responding to current information and new or changed situations.

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(dates TBC)
Auckland – June 2021
Christchurch – September 2021
Auckland – October 2021

(dates TBC)
Auckland – April 2022
Christchurch – July 2022
Auckland – October 2022